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Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2004
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do not think about your crush in an old sweatshirt with scruffy hair and a sleepy smile ok dont think about them humming to themselves as they make breakfast in this attire ok dont think about how the light hits them as they sit down across from you and eat breakfast ok just dONT

do not think about joe biden getting ready for bed, wearing a tiny white pair of undies and mid-calf socks while drying off his freshly washed face with a plush egyptian cotton towel

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So you understand that little white girls seeing only thin white girl’s being showcased, praised and adored, can fuck them up. But you don’t get why Black and Brown kids seeing white faces constantly is a problem. Okay.

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Christian Dior Haute Couture F/W 2005


advice pls

someone bought one of my monster highs which i described as in good used condition ‘not perfect’ and put that no refunds were available 

the woman has given me good feedback but just sent a message like ‘on closer inspectful i can see that she has a nasty haircut on the front and i don’t think i would have paid that much if i’d known’ which like i semi understand but i did actually take a close up picture of her head and shoulders and like … did not sell her as a perfect doll b/c i got her second hand so ?

she is asking whether a partial refund is possible or whether she shoulds end it back and my instinct is to be like ‘look man i put up photos if you didn’t inspect them close enough that’s not my problem’

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pretty sure i owned this