what's up fellow kids

[20:01:00] Anadapta: I also adopted a kitten but couldn’t physically get it inside the lift.
[20:01:02] Anadapta: So it /died/.

ana is discovering sims 2

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  • japan ≠ korea ≠ china
  • pakistan is not in the middle east
  • most muslims aren’t arabs
  • geishas are not prostitutes
  • mexico is a very small part of latin america
  • there are 54 countries in africa
  • china has 56 different ethnic groups and none of them eat chop suey
  • singapore is not part of china
  • most singaporeans speak english as their first language, please don’t ask, “why is your English so good”

i went to school in singapore for 2 years and eeeeveryone spoke eng but we learned malay

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ya gotta love getting tan as fuck so your self harm scars turn florescent bright colors and you can see them from a mile away ya just gotta love it

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sorry for all the text posts 

apparently i must go home on tuesday bc on wed and thurs i have therapy-related things and they both sound scary

wednesday = ‘group intervention service’ where i will be talked at about the group therapy i have been invited to attend

thurs = physiotherapist for physical anxiety symptoms

no thank u

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im gonna take a leaf out of futurecorridors book and make my own neighbourhood and build all the houses and stuff

i have never done this before :x i am not good at building houses

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milklegs: ok ok, melon, peach, vanilla


melon - my first impression of you

HOT GIRL LIKES R/S. I really can’t stress enough how easy it is for me to fall in love with you if you fall in to one or both of these conditions.

peach - what i like most about your blog

I don’t follow any blogs like yours. you post all this quirky stuff and cute pastel colours and updates on your life and idk, it’s not that it’s not fandomy, but it’s just so much more than that? I follow like 200 people but if I see a cham post I can almost always tell without looking that it’s from you. I really like that.

vanilla - what i like most about you

there are a lot of people on tumblr that I owe a lot to, but I cant think of many who’ve helped me more than you. you are so good to me. you give me strength when I feel like I have none, you give me guidance when i’m directionless, and when i’m twisting reality and convincing myself of things that aren’t true you have no qualms about telling me what a massive knob i’m being. what I like most about you is everything you have done for me, continue to do for me, and the fact that if I called you crying at 4am I know you’d pick up, and i know you’d move mountains to make me feel better


Waaa love you harri

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