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eastern europe and western europe are so different, so i find it quite odd when north americans generalize on europe as a whole, because people native to western europe and people native to eastern europe know of and recognize the divide that exists quite well

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i found something amazing on the kitchen table. it belongs to my sister and i believe it was a birthday present from a fellow 14 yo

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[17:50:28] Cham: I almost hope I don’t get it bc really 200 on monster highs
[17:50:31] Cham: what am i doing with my life
[17:50:41] Cham: dpes the fact i’m going to resell them make it any better
[17:50:43] Cham: i just don’t know

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milk-doll said: what uni you at?


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i’m feeling very ajngly and tense and anxious today for several reasons

  • back to uni tomorrow
  • spending </=200 even if i will get all that back + extra over the next few weeks (if i even win the auction)
  • return to uni
  • my physical form will exist only at university
  • i have to go back to uni

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i just sold a repaint for £35 which is v good bc i am prepared to spend up up to 200 quid on a giant collection of 25 monster high dolls in mint condition tonight on ebay lol

this probs sounds crazy but individually i could sell them for like 5-10 quid each and 2 of them are really rare and go for 30-60 quid unboxed, and i have been around the monster high ebay community enough to know what sells and what doesn’t and tbh monster highs are really reliable in terms of sales

current bidding is at £127 (my bid) but it’s got a few hours to go, if it goes over £200 i don’t think i’ll bother b/c the profit margin would be too small

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reading my most recent mental health assessment

'charlotte was quite smartly dressed in a long skirt and jacket though appeared to have what i took to be plaster or paint on her hands and skirt'


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