what's up fellow kids

have been following the alice gross story since it broke and am so upset to hear that a body’s been found

it hasn’t been formally identified yet but the news outlets are reporting it in conjunction w/ the search and her name, and apparently the family has been informed

i so much wanted a happy ending - mentally ill teenage girl goes missing, sounded like it could have been such a simple case, but no just another man being another piece of shit

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white vegans be like “honey is unethical because the bees worked so hard on it that’s why I like the completely ethical alternative of sugar harvested by underpaid and abused fieldworkers”

"I’d rather insects be more comfortable than Brown people"

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the girl who played karen in outnumbered is a goth/scene kid/emo now lol!! makes me feel old that she’s old enough to be in a phase

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shaistaisthebestestttttttt replied to your post: i spent like £50 in total last week (v…

hahahaha luv ya

my online shopping muscles are twitching

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i think my ideal set up would be me, on my own, in a house on my own, just me, alone

but yeah just me in a tiny little wood cottage in some fields (not woods b/c you never know what’s lurking) next to another tiny little cottage and that’s where ben and the children live and i can visit them sometimes


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i spent like £50 in total last week (v good) and now i’m like AYYY TIME TO SPEND THE MONEY I SAVED LAST WEEK and no charlotte that’s not how it works

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