what's up fellow kids

zamotdredhart: Hello lovely I hope you’re having a fabulous day! May your beautiful soul always have reason to spread a bright beautiful smile across your gorgeous face <3

thank you! :B

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6ool: I would like to apologize for my feminism post. I was wrong in sayin find it shouldn't be called equalism, but still stick by my beliefs that everyone should be treated with the respect they deserve. I am sorry if I have offended you in any way.

you didn’t offend me but thanks for apologising

i want to explain something though - if i say i hate men, i don’t mean it. i have a father and a boyfriend. i hate the fact that all men, including the ‘nice’ ones, are indoctrinated into a patriarchal culture that teaches them that women are lesser beings, that they are disposable, that they are worthless unless they are beautiful. it is difficult to be aware of the aggressions towards women and not feel resentful of those who cause them. 

when i say i hate men i mean that i hate the dominant male culture. i hate the fact that i can’t safely walk alone at night, i hate the fact that my sister at 13 was solicited for nudes, that when a woman gives a speech on gender equality (however flawed it was) she gets threatened with her nudes being leaked. 

when you say you’re an equalist rather than a feminist you erase the history of our struggle for equality. you cannot remove the female aspect from the movement’s title because it is a female issue. patriarchal issues affecting men are still patriarchal, and the patriarchy is a feminist issue. 

you can’t treat everyone equally when people are on vastly different power levels. if someone has five apples and another person has two, and you put three apples into each basket, then there is still inequality. this is why the fact that the fight for gender equality needs to primarily address the issues facing WOMEN, not men

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Anonymous: ebola terrifies me :(

i literally just said something about ebola on a different website haha

it’s a scary disease for sure but the majority of its damage is due to west africa’s healthcare systems being simply unable to cope with the rigorous demands of such a virulent disease. rural communities suffer from a lack of information about the disease & and total fear - imagine someone coming to your house, most likely speaking a different lg, taking your sick loved one away and then returning with their corpse. consequently, healthcare officials are often not contacted, meaning that ebola spreads incredibly quickly through these villages

if you’re worried about it making a massive impact in the UK/US/Aus etc then tbh you shouldn’t be - as a virus, it is not that infectious; infected people do not shed virus particles during the incubation period (unlike many viruses) and it is not airborne, unlike many respiratory viruses e.g. colds/flu, so we need to thank our stars for that, or it could be a very different situation. it’s also worth noting that nigeria is doing fairly well with containment and all patients can be traced back to nigeria’s patient zero

our isolation procedures are also very good, and our healthcare systems are billion dollar industries with appropriate safety clothing & isolation wards etc

not to mention z-mapp is essentially a cure - it’s not being mass produced yet but i believe during the winter there is going to be a 50-dose test on human ebola patients (it has been tested on other animals and of course there was that nasty little episode in which it was granted to 3 white healthcare workers rather than any of the thousands of africans already struck down)

there are many ways you can help the ebola effort, though - you can donate to doctors without borders or the british red cross

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Anonymous: would you stay with ben if he cheated on you?

i don’t think so

i just don’t have the self esteem or mental reserves to deal with cheating - i understand there are lots of reasons for it but i really don’t think i could handle it if i stayed. if we had kids/were married it would maybe be different but right now at nearly 2 years of being together i think i’d probably walk

this is a really upsetting question omfg ben don’t ever do it ;_;

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Anonymous: whats your etsy?! i'd kill to see some of your dolls.

my etsy is slightly barren atm but it’s here

i post doll stuff over at milklegsdollblog

please don’t expect miracles though hahaha i’m worried i’ve talked them up unto something absolutely unbelievable when i’ve only been doing this for about 9 monthts and am still learning very much on the job :x but they go down well with customers and people like them and i’m improving all the time, it’s really cool to see the progress right in front of you

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thecommonlibrarian: Happy birthday to my Tumblr baby sister. Love yooouuuuuuu!

thank yoooou :D

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Anonymous: why do you think anorexia blogs are harmful?

i wasn’t referring specifically to AN or even eating disorders really but ok this is why i think ed recovery blogs CAN be a bad idea

  • gives endless opportunity to ruminate over food & intake
  • obsessing over food in a supposedly positive recovery-oriented way is still disordered 
  • the community of disordered girls at different points in recovery: sometimes useful, sometimes inherently damaging & not awesome

sometimes they can be great but yeah i would be wary about dedicating a whole blog to my struggles w/ mental illnesses frankly

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Anonymous: i like the bottom 2

all right

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elspethrose: That message that you posted asking if everyone is alright and offering your Skype is so damn lovely. Times like these remind me that we need to be more open about mental illness and small acts of kindness can change everything. I hope you're ok tonight x

thank you for the plaudits but i think kindness is a base level of decency rather than something to be applauded for but thank you lovely 

but i agree that ‘mental’ illness should be talked about in the same easy way about ‘physical’ ailments (quotemarks because they’re so interconnected)

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