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sacredpoetics: Hi! So I think I want to start trying to get into reprinting dolls. I don't really want to sell them or anything, mostly just for my own collections. Are there any blogs that you like that also repaint dolls or have any good tips? I have some pretty solid painting skills so I'm not worried so much about that but...your dolls are just so pretty and I was wondering if you had tips or something?? I don't know. You're insanely awesome, have a good day :3

thanks first of all :D

I am fairly new to the whole repainting thing, as a warning - I’ve only been doing it for about 7-8 months and I think as with anything artistic you are always learning so I do not consider myself to be like, any kind of authority on the matter, and the following stuff is basically just what works for me. Also this is only for like cheap ish vinyl dolls (i.e. the soft plastic of barbie heads etc). You need to be a lot more careful with resin dolls

1. You need a bit of an arsenal in order to do it. Have bolded key things bc this is gonna get long and convoluted. You can get by with acrylic paints only, esp. if you’re not looking to sell or anything like that, but it’s very difficult to get blusher looking good in paint form imo - you’d be better off doing it with watercolour pencils (very smudgable and actually great for contouring the face which I am experimenting with atm) or chalk pastels, which I scribble on something (often my wall, much to my mum’s sorrow), and pick up the chalk dust with cotton wool, and gently put it on the face (gently!!). To get factory paint off dolls you need something like nail varnish remover, but be careful because acetone can be super corrosive on plastics. I haven’t had any trouble with it on doll faces but I dripped some on a monster high body, which are made of shiny, hard plastic, and it fucked it up royally - kind of melted it. Which sucked. So remember you’re working with chemicals. (As an aside, b/c of the acetone, I had bright red fingertips due to chemical irritation for a night and I was so freaked out, I thought I was dying until boyfriend pointed out it was probably chemical related :x) You also will need some kind of sealant because paints (pastels especially) come off really easily. You might be okay without it though, esp if it’s just standing on a shelf or whatevs, but my repaint lyf has improved massively since finally getting my hands on some Mr Super Clear (it’s rarer than heroin in the UK I swear to god). The standard for doll repainting is Mr Super Clear Flat (Flat = matte) and it is FANTASTIC but also extremely toxic so I only spray it outside and don’t breathe in while I’m doing it and should probably have some sort of mask but I live on the fuckin edge. I usually spray MSC before starting the repaint as well because it gives anything non-painty (pencils/pastels) more grip on the vinyl; for me, I could literally never get pencils to make any kind of mark on the dolls until I started using MSC.  Finally, and this is only an aesthetics thing but personally I love it, you can get some sort of gloss varnish for the eyes and lips. I use Liquitex and it’s great, and I really love how alive dolls look w/ glossy eyes

ETA: my goal is to get an airbrush at some point b/c have seen some fantastic work with them but I think you can do the same basic stuff by hand, just with more difficult lol. but basically in terms of supplies the sky is the limit. I own a several full sets of acrylics (windsor & newton, about $20 each which is basically the shitty quality stuff), high-quality watercolour pencils (faber castell I think or albrecht durer) and high-quality pastels, b/c I only have a few b/c I generally only use them for blush so I just have a few pinks and reds and browns.

People talk a lot about artist quality paints blah blah but I think basically fuck that and use whatever you can afford - if you have the skills then it’s not gonna look terrible regardless of paint quality. Obviously a more expensive paint will have a nicer texture or whatevs but I don’t think the paint calibre is as important as how you use it. motion of the ocean, not the size of the boat innit

2. TINY BRUSHES! The tinier the better for things like doll eyelashes! Brushes tend to get bent out of shape without you noticing (at least they do for me) and whenever I buy a new brush I immediately notice the difference in ease and quality of repaints. This has reminded me to buy a new brush. For serious most of my repaints suffer because of brush size more than anything else (and lack of refinement but I’m trying to work on that lol)

3. Monster High dolls are great for beginners because their face sculpts are very angular and very defined; the eyes are indented a little and you don’t really have to worry about making things even. This blog is super cool and shows what their heads are like without their makeup. The cool thing about them as well is that each doll has a different face sculpt which is rare. They’re also bigger than barbie heads. If you want to practice, before buying a full doll then if you just ebay search 1:6 doll head there are loads. Licca-chan heads are often under $5 each, sometimes for 2 or 3, and they’re pretty fun to paint and have tons of personality imo. I mostly repaint monster high + ever after high atm with the occasional licca-chan and obitsu, but monster high offers a lot of scope imo

4. I was kind of wigged out at first as to how different painting a doll is to painting on a 2D surface, and I thought it would be really easy b/c I come from a background of portraiture (lord that sounds up my own butt) but it’s v different and my first repaint was kinda shitty. But you realise really fast what works for you and what doesn’t, so yeah. It’s SUCH a fun hobby for me, I really love taking off the boring factory paint and turning each doll into something original and new, and I’m really excited to continue improving. It’s really fun to line up your dolls and see your progress as well, although I cant do this anymore bc I tend to wipe the older ones and repaint them. That’s another cool thing - if something’s awful you can just wipe it and start over. I have a few dolls that have had 3 or 4 faces and they’re none the worse for it.

This got CRAZY long and idk if I even said anything that useful lmao :(

ETA 2: I know some other very basic stuff about customisation (e.g. how to curl hair or straighten it or dye it) so if you have any more qs hit me up - can’t promise anything but yeah. my end goal is to move into full doll customs like outfits, new hair, all that stuff. my end-end goal is to just make my own dolls

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Anonymous: do you ever talk about tumblr people like they're your friends in real life?

sometimes! if i’m talking to friends who aren’t  very internet-orientated and i don’t feel like going into the whole ‘this person i follow on tumblr-’ ‘what’s that’ spiel i’m just like ‘my friend…..’ 

or ‘this girl i know’ sometimes

i would say tumblr doesn’t come up that much but tbh it does have a way of creeping in

ETA: some people on tumblr i actually do consider friends/know their names so then i’m just like ‘my friend x’

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Anonymous: too many pple like that anon that are calling pple with mental health problems ableist themselves it's getting really fucking old I bet they're all 12

i think tumblr just encourages equality and validity amongst ALL behaviours which is really really stupid when you’re dealing with like… mentally ill teenagers i mean come on it is never gonna be a good idea to slit your wrists or starve yourself and i am not gonna sit here and call that sort of stuff anything other than crazy??

and if it’s a semantic issue re: the word itself then yeah idk

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Anonymous: i wish you wouldn't call sucidal and self-harming people "crazy people" ... something about the wording just makes it feel ... hurtful, somehow.

i don’t know if you missed this but i struggle w/ suicide ideation on the regular and ditto w/ self harming. it’s not a blow aimed at others, it’s just a term i use that i think accurately sums up my own behaviours bc they aren’t normal and shouldn’t really be treated as such imo. self harming/suicide ideation are most often symptoms of mental illness, and such are crazy things to do

i dunno i will try and modify my language but tbh it is the term that feels most comfortable when referring to myself. but i accept that others might not appreciate it being applied to them so i will try to stop that

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superhermit: Oh man THANK you! I just don't care about Beyonce. Like you say it's great that she's a role model but... eh.

a lot of beyonc-nay on my blog rn

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Anonymous: Hi I read you go to sussex and i was just wondering what it's like because I might be studying english and film there next year and I've got to make my firm and insurance choices soon so please be honest it will help C:

hey! sorry it took so long to answer, I just forgot

I study English Language there, fyi

In short - I have no complaints, apart from the fact that there is ONE mental health advisor for the whole school which seems insane to me, esp. when he is also in charge of dyslexia and something else. but that is mostly it. location is lovely, people are nice with a huge proportion of hipstery dudes riding bikes. brighton is one of if not my actual fave city too~

I believe I have tagged all my sussex stuff with university of sussex so you should have a look through it, it goes into quite some detail

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taarya: Hey! I read here you go to sussex. I'm going to spend a semester there next September as an erasmus student! A quick question: would it be better/cheaper for me to have a room on campus? And do you think I'm likely to get it, if I'm only there for 6 months? ta x

I’ll publish this in case it’s useful for anyone else. Congrats, first of all :D

It depends which room you go for. The prices range from £80-130 a week (I believe they’re on the sussex housing site) and the top end of the scale has en-suites and are just generally a lot nicer imo. I live off campus now and it’s 352 a month not inc. bills, and bills generally push it up to btwn 380-90 a month. Which is still sort of lower-range campus price. And also bear in mind that the cheapest of the cheap housing is kind of nasty. My rent obviously doesn’t factor in travel costs though, but buses are quite cheap. Dunno how much they are though, but superhermit will know :D

Personally I MUCH prefer living off campus even without an en-suite, living on campus was not good for me at all and I didn’t realise how much I’d hated it until I moved into shared housing. It’s just very isolating and noisy and stressful and yeah. If you like the sort of party sleepover sharing is caring thing go for it tho. I know it works for a lot of people - I just never felt fully comfortable living on campus.

tl;dr it basically depends on what you want, but there are good/bad points to both options. I don’t know how likely you aer to get a place - I obviously only had to go through it from the first year student perspective :) 

good luck!

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big-wee-hag: i just played peen in words with friend s

brook just played peen in words with friends eveyone

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plantcreep: hi I'm Lucy!! I'm sorry to bother you put I'm just in love with your blog:)) every single part of it is perfect ok I'm sry I'm gonna go now thank you for your existence!! *blows kisses and runs away

thank you so much! n___n

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Anonymous: What did Olivia's last message to you say?

it’s tagged on my blog somewhere. it wasn’t related to anything involving her mental health though and i find it a bit irritating you think it’s appropriate to ask this - it’s a dead girl’s final message and you are all ‘omg what did it say’ and don’t you t hink that’s a bit shitty?

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