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Anonymous: ebola terrifies me :(

i literally just said something about ebola on a different website haha

it’s a scary disease for sure but the majority of its damage is due to west africa’s healthcare systems being simply unable to cope with the rigorous demands of such a virulent disease. rural communities suffer from a lack of information about the disease & and total fear - imagine someone coming to your house, most likely speaking a different lg, taking your sick loved one away and then returning with their corpse. consequently, healthcare officials are often not contacted, meaning that ebola spreads incredibly quickly through these villages

if you’re worried about it making a massive impact in the UK/US/Aus etc then tbh you shouldn’t be - as a virus, it is not that infectious; infected people do not shed virus particles during the incubation period (unlike many viruses) and it is not airborne, unlike many respiratory viruses e.g. colds/flu, so we need to thank our stars for that, or it could be a very different situation. it’s also worth noting that nigeria is doing fairly well with containment and all patients can be traced back to nigeria’s patient zero

our isolation procedures are also very good, and our healthcare systems are billion dollar industries with appropriate safety clothing & isolation wards etc

not to mention z-mapp is essentially a cure - it’s not being mass produced yet but i believe during the winter there is going to be a 50-dose test on human ebola patients (it has been tested on other animals and of course there was that nasty little episode in which it was granted to 3 white healthcare workers rather than any of the thousands of africans already struck down)

there are many ways you can help the ebola effort, though - you can donate to doctors without borders or the british red cross

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Anonymous: why do you think anorexia blogs are harmful?

i wasn’t referring specifically to AN or even eating disorders really but ok this is why i think ed recovery blogs CAN be a bad idea

  • gives endless opportunity to ruminate over food & intake
  • obsessing over food in a supposedly positive recovery-oriented way is still disordered 
  • the community of disordered girls at different points in recovery: sometimes useful, sometimes inherently damaging & not awesome

sometimes they can be great but yeah i would be wary about dedicating a whole blog to my struggles w/ mental illnesses frankly

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Anonymous: You are my favey fave and a fantastic person and I'm so lucky to follow you and also know you personally and rghhhh you are like a lovely older sister with amazing doll skills and art skills and you're so funny and open and honest and down to earth about your mental stuff and it really inspires me with my own stuff :) I lub youuuu.

;_; awwwwwww i think i know who this is and i love you too xoxoxo no but really this is really really lovely thank you im gonna cry

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Anonymous: I love how into dolls you've gotten. I dunno why, it just makes me happy to see it make you happy.

thank you, this is so kind! particularly kind bc i always feel like it’s a hobby for a 5 year old 

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Anonymous: Tbh I love your sense of humor and personal anecdotes. You rock 💕

thank youuuu ahh :)

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Anonymous: Youre really cute and brave and your art is super cool. Oh gosh im the most sappy anon

aww thank u so much 

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Anonymous: all of them!!!


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hello B)

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Anonymous: how long have you ben singing/playing the piano for?

well i am not particularly proficient at either? i sing in the shower all the time and have done since i was a child but that’s the extent of my ~singing~ it’s not like a Thing it’s just nice to cover songs idk lol

piano on and off since I was about 6 but mostly self-taught apart from a couple of pre-GCSE years and i usually don’t bother with sheet music and often transcribe guitar chords into piano music bc it’s quicker (im slow at reading music)

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