cherry tree lane

what's up fellow kids

big-wee-hag: i just played peen in words with friend s

brook just played peen in words with friends eveyone

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lilplantboner: hi I'm Lucy!! I'm sorry to bother you put I'm just in love with your blog:)) every single part of it is perfect ok I'm sry I'm gonna go now thank you for your existence!! *blows kisses and runs away

thank you so much! n___n

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Anonymous: What did Olivia's last message to you say?

it’s tagged on my blog somewhere. it wasn’t related to anything involving her mental health though and i find it a bit irritating you think it’s appropriate to ask this - it’s a dead girl’s final message and you are all ‘omg what did it say’ and don’t you t hink that’s a bit shitty?

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sicksadsorrow: 2, 4, 6. :-*

2. five facts about a past relationship

  • ana is still my best friend
  • we didn’t like each other at ALL when we first met (they thought i was stupid i thought they were snobbish and pretentious)
  • it ended really amicably we stopped talking for a few weeks then reconnected over the olympics opening ceremony and then never stopped talking again
  • they are like top 3 most important people in my life
  • idk i just? love love love <3

4. five facts about my father

  • he likes punk music and his computer background for a while was him in a ramones concert that he screengrabbed from a shitty low quality youtube video from like the 70s
  • he’s a deputy head/teacher and hands out signed photos of himself for good behaviour
  • he is kind of emotionally useless but financially v. useful
  • when i was depressed he was too awkward for emotional support but he’d push things under my door or leave them there like harry potter magazines and food lol ;_;
  • he is just a nice man really

6. five facts about your best friend (gonna… gonna choose ana aka person from question one)

  • they are the most talented artist i know
  • the fact they are friends with my boyfriend means everything to me
  • they went to oxford
  • they let me and ben have sex in the house :3
  • they put together little welcome packages for me and ben :333333

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superhermit: Hellooo

nightswimming deserves a quiet night
i can see what’s happening and they don’t have a clue (fuck)
i wanna live, i wanna give, i’ve been a miner for a heart of gold
how do you see it? the dream’s gone

…she’s a 5 foot 10 in catsuit and bambi eyes

westlife fucking ruined it

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big-wee-hag: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

not even they can stop me now 
when panic grips your body and your heart is a hummingbird
don’t let them get to you
you could never know what it’s like
when you go I think  I’m gonna sew my name into all of your clothes

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i know you can’t stand my wandering hands
if you’ll be my star i’ll be your sky
lippy kids on the corner again
much as you blame yourself, you can’t be blamed for the way that you feel
i’ve had enough of danger and people on the streets

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tar-miriel: heeeeey

on my way up north up on the ventura
as the moon kindles the night
took a big trip with your old band
alabama arkansas, i do love my ma and pa
you’ll never see the courage i know

(there is a recurring theme of ~going home~ or ~wandering~ in my music i see)

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ifellowedsleep: hiiiiii : *

if i die young bury me in satin
yellow diamonds in the light and we’re standing side by side
let’s get out of this town baby we’re on fire
there is freedom within, there is freedom without
when i decided to live the rest of my life from a list of towns

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futurecorridor: hi hello!

you were in college working part time waiting tables
i can take the rain on the roof of this empty house
it’s so beautiful here, she said
i got a new pair of shoes
you make me feel like i’m losing my virginity, first time every time when you touch me

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