cherry tree lane

what's up fellow kids

currently painting dis
it’s obviously not done but I quite like it despite the glaring flaws
I’ll also take this opportunity to restate my availability for art trades!! I would love to art trade w/ anyone and am pretty much free over rthe next few months so!! this is some more of my art
painted this sulky little girl last night, I’ll probably finish it later but I quite like it like this tbh
she is a misandrist

another bad thing I painted months ago and did not bother to scan until now
it started off as grimes but then I listened to rihanna while I was doing it and it got all awkward and weird and angsty but hey

reblogging/deleting the original b/c I don’t like having too much of my art close together on a page hmmm
a bad thing I painted ages ago for practice and never bothered to scan in UNTIL NOW
it looks shit atm and that usually means I’ll start liking it soon
scanner isn’t co-operating, I’ll do more on it tomorrow and re-scan later
i don’t think i scanned this and actually have access to a scanner for once!!
i’ve been doing a lot of crappy sketches recently b/c i haven’t painted anything substantial or decent since the summer (university + depression = no motivation or energy for extra-curricular activities, regardless of what they are)
This is so far the best tiny food I’ve ever made ;w; I’ll put the set up in my etsy soon but I’m tempted to make a ring with a cupcake or a pie or something that would be s w e e t
I can totes make you one of these for like a fiver (inc p&p)
just saying
shifty eyes

I made a food ring crying at my own skill

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Under the cut is my first attempt at piping for decoden-style items!

They’re not very exciting at the moment because not all my stuff has arrived (chocolate sauce and biscuit-clay and strawberry sauce and stuff like that) but I am impatient and wanted to just have a go with the stuff that’s already arrived :p

My plan for a few of these is to glue them onto rings and put them in my Etsy, maybe. My mum is incredibly overexcited by them and has already  commissioned one, lol

I am realising my tiny food dream cries

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